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TradingView - Comprehensive solutions for data analytics
TradingView is a free multi-platform charting service and social network for traders and investors. It allows users to track price charts of hundreds of different assets, including currencies, as well as share and discuss their ideas about the markets.

The platform offers an extensive customizable set of technical indicators, an important component of technical analysis that can provide traders with a much sought-after degree of price predictability in currency markets.

The social aspect is integrated into the price charts. When you open a chart for a particular currency or stock, you can see on TradingView a news feed related to that asset and public chats geared towards the community of that asset.

Most TradingView tools are highly customizable - an example is Pine Script, the platform's own handy scripting language that can be used to create new technical indicators from scratch.
Simplify your data analysis with customizable TradingView dashboards
The bottom panel is for trading the selected asset. Users have the functions to trade on paper - simulate real-time trades with hypothetical money to test strategies in real life, but without risk - or to trade directly through user-tested brokers. This panel also offers the ability to test trading strategies on historical data.

Finally, the rightmost panel is the TradingView platform's social network. Here you will find news related to the selected asset, hot asset lists, public and private chats, your personalized watch list, other users' ideas and streams and much more.
A service that monitors your trading and improves your trading skills
Ultimately, TradingView is a simple enough platform for a beginner. At the same time, its easily customizable nature allows users to adapt it to their growing requirements as their trading skills grow over time - even to the point of writing their own custom technical indicators. Its basic version is free, and the ability to trade on paper allows anyone to try it risk-free.

Some users may find the lack of direct trades and the need to work through a broker disadvantageous when it comes to actual trading. This disadvantage is somewhat offset by the cross-platform accessibility of the platform and the wide selection of assets and instruments.

The integrated social network will help beginners learn the basics of trading and technical analysis. However, they should be careful when filtering out potentially bad advice.
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